The Harvard Mountaineering Club Borkoldoy Expedition 2005 on the Lightload Towels

            The Harvard Mountaineering Club Borkoldoy Expedition 2005 used thirty Lightload Towels provided by Dyna-E International. The towels were used for everything from sponge-baths to cleaning up after the sheep, though generally not both. First-person descriptions follow.


Laura Fox: Definitely small and light – no complaints there.  I didn’t find too many occasions to use the towels.  On one occasion I took a sponge bath. I noticed that they tear when they freeze. I had used one and left  it to dry on some rocks, and it froze overnight, and I was unable to  remove it from the rocks without ripping it and leaving little  patches of towel behind on the rock.

Lucas Laursen: The towels certainly didn’t take up more than their share of the expedition’s half ton of equipment. I didn’t have to use them for much, but the one time I did use them, to soak up sheep urine and feces in our truck, I was glad I had them. The sheep, on the other hand, was indifferent.

George Brewster: Kicked ass for changing my oil a couple days ago. Also, should be a little larger so you can actually wear it as a bandana.

David Krause: Useful adjuncts for sudden spills, sheep urine, etc. Small and light, but they don’t offer much coverage or durability. Too small to be the main towel for a trip, but excellent in the cook kit or as a washcloth. Great addition to a toiletries kit for long trips, carried in the pockets on bus rides. Anyone raising a child should carry a bucket of them around.

Corey Rennell: I found the towels to be an excellent and useful expedition tool.  From swabbing up spills on the floor of our off-road vehicle to taking sponge baths to cleaning up dinner messes to assist our Leave No Trace philosophy, Dyna E towels did the trick.  They’re compact, light, easy to carry and fit in small pockets and an important wilderness safety firestarter especially in places like the Borkoldoy where there’s little wood.

Kelly Faugnan: The towels should definitely be larger, so they can be used as a bandana. Since they are so light, a bit of extra cloth will not add that much to weight and will make them more versitile.



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