Gear Test:Lightload Towels for the Impulsive Minimalist


Recently I purchased a Lightload Towel at REI. The impulsive minimalist in me couldn’t resist the tiny package! My only hesitation came from doubts about its durability and life. Boy, have those reservations been swept aside. I’ve taken it to the beach every day since (I’m on vacation in San Diego), where I’ve laid out on it, toweled off, used it to wipe clean my gear and strung it up for shade. Sadly, my towel mistakenly made it into the washing machine this morning and now resembles a hairball my cat may have regurgitated. Oops!


The 36″x60″ towel is sufficiently large to keep sand off my body while I’m laying out, but I’d like more space for my gear or a companion. I suggest your firm offer a larger size–perhaps 72″x72″–to be used as a ground cloth. I certainly would buy one!



Erik Borman

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