Wow, it fits in my pocket! Light Load Towels

Light Load TowelsHave you ever been in your car,  in the garage, on a hike, or at your favorite swimming hole and suddenly realized you could use a towel or  at least something absorbent?

I received a sample of Lightload Towels to try and let you know what I thought of it… …..I am a member of and receive samples of products to write reviews of those products..Read full disclosure below




Light Load TowelsLight Load towels are a great product to keep in your car in the emergency kit, or in your first aid kit, as well as take camping, to the beach or swimming hole, take it with you when you go fishing or where ever….  Just add water and watch it unravel. Let it dry and you have a very versatile towel that can be used again and again.

I like to keep mine in my travel bag, it’s compact and I know that if I become in need of a towel Or one of the many  things listed below, it will be there and ready to use..  It would be great to have several of these around for Justin in case. I know my Fiancé needs to keep one on him at all times.

World renowned Light Load Towels are the only beach towels that fit in your pocket. All of these towels are survival tools. Use them for so many things including a fire starter, face mask, insulation, diaper, beach towel, hand towel and more. The towels are soft against the skin and washable. Great for packing in small places like your glove box, fishing tackle box, trunk, first aid (or survival) kit or backpack / dufflebag.

You can get them in three sizes. Beach towels 36×60 inch assorted colors three pack 12 x24 inch assorted colors two packs 12 x12 inch assorted colors


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