– Product Review: Lightload Towels

World Renowned Lightload Towels are the only beach towels that fit in your pocket! All our towels are survival tools. Use them for so much including a firestarter, face mas, insulation, diaper and more. The towels are soft against the skin and washable. Great for packing in small places and excellent for shedding weight.

While these towels have all sorts of fun uses, I opted to go for the boring one – using it for a towel when I got out of the shower. (In my defense, my next vacation where I would have loved to pack it isn’t until mid-May and I wanted to be able to offer a giveaway which has to be done before the end of April!)  While the instructions do say that getting the towel a little bit wet would help in puling it apart, I opted to not use any water as I didn’t want a wet towel when I got out of the water. Seemed counter productive to be using something wet when I was trying to dry myself off!

The towel is super light weight which made me wonder if it would really work, but it does! I dried me off just as well, if not better, than other beach towels I usually use.  I wasn’t sure that it would survive the washer / dryer, but it did! It came out even more soft than it already was and wasn’t ripped at all which was what I was expecting because it is so light!



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