Light Load Towels Are Perfect For Camping and Beach Time! Review and Giveaway –

light load towels

World renowned Light load Towels are the only beach towels that fit in your pocket. All our towels are survival tools. Use them for so much including a firestarter, face mask, insulation,diaper and more. The towels are soft against the skin and washable. Great for packing in small places and excellent for shedding weight.

Keep one in your glove compartment, your camping gear, swimming gear, first aid kit etc… Never be left without one – they will come in so handy.

I wanted to review this compact beach towel for when we begin camping.  I haven’t expanded it yet but the size is about the size of a mint tin but thicker.  It is 4.5 ounces and when we are ready to use it – we will simply add water to expand it.  I will have a towel for emergency situations, a beach need, survival help and more.  I can’t tell you how many times we have been in situations where we have needed a towel, tablecloth, blanket or something and been without one.

The towel is 36 x 60 inches ($59.99 for a 12 pack) but they also have 12 x 12 inch towel packs ($25.99 for 50) and  12 x 24 towels ($49.95 for 50).
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