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14 essential travel gadgets

Neck cushion, mask and earplugs, motion sickness bracelets anti … a complete kit for the convenience of long journeys ©

Accessories “premium travel” Profile of Nature Every journey begins with a trip, or long and comfortable. This range of smart accessories ensures optimum passenger comfort by plane, car or train, whatever the duration of the trip.

Plus: The evil anti-bracelets transport 100% natural, based on the principles of acupuncture points

Price: Between 6.50 and 20 euros, depending on the chosen accessories

Where to buy: Directly on the site Website: Profile Nature

We of course would add our Travel hand towel as a must have travel accessory!

Traveling just got a whole lot easier with the Lightload Towels. From our beach sizes to hand sizes, lightloads are the bring-a-long must haves. Why? Weight and Packability can’t be beat. Imagine a beach towel that fits in your pocket or eight towels so light that a bandanna weighs more. Need we say more
If you would like to read the original article in French you can find it here.

Lightload Towels Bug Repeller Video Demo

Lightload Towels  are the only towels that are survival towels.  View this demo of the lightload Towels as a bug repeller.