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Escape the City with a Towel

Urban Escapes is a great way to get away from the city and do outdoorsy stuff like hiking, climbing and boating. Lightload Towels is a proud sponsor. Urban Escapes Founder Maia Josebachvili says:

I brought a three-pack of lightloads with me while backpacking in the Himalayas in Nepal for a month. They were awesome! Didn’t weight a thing (which I really appreciated at 18,000 ft) and were just as effective as a regular towel. I’ll be using them again for sure!’

Check out National Geographic’s Urban Escapesuggestions.

Please contact Urban Esapes if you are an outdoorsy person living in the New york city area

-Maia J.
Maia Josebachvili
Founder and Guide
Urban Escapes

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Lightload Towels Bug Repeller Video Demo

Lightload Towels  are the only towels that are survival towels.  View this demo of the lightload Towels as a bug repeller.

Lightload Towels Wickable Fabric Video Demo

Lightload Towels  are the only towels that are survival towels.  View this demo of the lightload Towels Wickable fabric.

Lightload Towels Superabsorbency Video Demo

Lightload Towels  are the only towels that are survival towels.  View this you tube video demo of the lightload Towels superabsorbency.

Pocket Sized Beach Towels are Great Holiday Gifts Demonstration

Lightload Towels( are the only towels that are pocket sized beach towels. They make great holiday gifts. For a demo of our great product please click on the above link. The video was produced swamp City Productions for their TV show segment “What the Stuff Outdoor Adventure.”

They are

1. easy to mail

2. Easy to store

3. Very useful

4. Many Uses

5. No shelf life so can be used any time.

6. More aborbent than cotton

7. Dries quicker than cotton.

8. much easier to manage when wet than cotton.

Days Of Bulky Towels Are Over Demonstration

Days of Bulky Towels are over.Please click on above link to see the demonstration.

 Lightload Towels( the premier outdoor towels are featured in this video by Swamp City Productions  in their TV show “What the Stuff Outdoors. “

Bicycle Touring Pro.Com Blog Posts Lightload Product Review


Bicycle Touring posted a lightload Towels product review in writing and with a you tube video. Bicycle Touring Pro is dedicated to the traveling cyclist. Lightload Towels is the premier travel towel for bikers, hikers, travelers and other outdoor minded people.

It’s a neat site with a lot of information on products and services.

The product reviewer, Darren Alf  liked the lightload Towels but doubted the durability of the product for more than a week on the road. We say that even though they dont last forever with the proper care people have used them for months. Proper care is handwashing or delicate machine washing and keeping them dry when possible.

The below lines were copied directly from the site.

I was recently sent a 3-Pack of Lightload Towels and asked to review the product here on the site.

To find out what I think of Lightload Towels and how I would use them on my own travels, you can watch the video above or read the quick summary below.

Product Features

Each towel comes in a small, waterproof, compressed disc that is about the size of three or four poker chips stacked on top of one another.

When unfolded, each towel measures 12 inches wide and 24 inches long (30cm x 60cm).

Each towel weighs only half an ounce.

The product can be used as a:



Pot Holder

Seat or Pack Padding

Water or Coffee Filter

Neck or Headband

Fire Starter

First Aid Supplement

Or just anything else you can think of.

In addition to all this, they are also soft, hygenic, super-absorbent, and wickable (meaning they draw moisture away from your skin, which helps to keep you warm in cold climates).

They are machine washable and dry super fast – just like a good camp towel should.

They are not biodegradable.

What I Think

The product is much more durable than I initially thought. I don’t think it would last as long as other, larger camp towels, but it certainly won’t fall apart after a single use.

Having the option to use the towel for a variety of different tasks is appealing. To have a towel that could be used to clean dishes, wash my bike, or start a fire is nice.

The price can’t be beat! Each towel costs about $2.00 USD. (The 3-pack is only $5.95)

If you are serious about traveling ultralight, this is one product you should certainly look into.

How I Would Use These Towels

If I were to use Lightload Towels in the future I would:

Use them on bike tours and camping trips that are one week in length or less.

Bring them along as a multi-purpose camp towel on my longer bicycle touring/travel adventures in addition to my regular camp shower towel, so that I can use the towel to clean my dishes, wash my bike, etc.

For more information on Lightload Towels, please visit:

What about you? Have you ever used a Lightload Towel yourself? If so, how exactly did you use them and what did you think? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Who’s Behind

My name is Darren Alff and welcome to my website.

Here you will find information on my own bicycle travels; thoughts and ideas on the future of bicycle touring; products and services I recommend for life on the road; and a ton of information on how you can plan, prepare for, and execute your very own bicycle touring adventures.

This site is not intended to be a rehashing of traditional bicycle touring information. Instead, it features what I consider to be a modern, lifestyle-driven, and technologically advanced twist on the way bike touring was done in the past.

If you’re looking for a way to work less and play more, this is for you. Welcome to the wonderful world of bicycle travel!