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Lightload Towels on Ascent of K2-the World’s Second Highest Mountain

The towels
were a hit of course.  We used them from everything from:
    Soaking it in the glacial streams and tying it around our necks to
keep cool
    Straining silt out of glacial water before drinking it
    “bath towel” on those days that we had personal hygiene days
    One was actually used to create a molotov cocktail during one of the
summit celebrations-not sure that is a credible use, but it was in practice
    The list keeps going on as well.  I hope that things are well!
Happy Holidays  B Block

lightload Towels for the Mexican beaches

“Getting ready to take a trip to Mexico and beach towels take up so much room…Love the idea of the compact towel that I can pack to take with me but at the same time it is biodegradable so I can just throw it away before I come home..”. Josie 

Was Given a Lightload Towel Three Pack

“was given 3-pack a couple of years ago as a stocking stuffer gift  from my father-in-law (I suspect he found them at BackpackingLight or REI) and I’ve since picked up another 3-pack with nearly every REI order. I’ve found them to be useful in a wide range of activities first aid   kit, survival kit, backpacking and camping. Of course, their packability can’t be matched – a huge perk for those of us crammed into small quarters in NYC. I decided that this year, I would add. them to reusable bags as my stocking stuffer gifts – and have a supply left over for me. Thanks”Mike

The Beach Towel That Fits in Your Pocket

This is just what the world adventurer and traveler needs. I think the lightload Beach Towels are neat. They really take up little space and can be used for so much like a bug repellent, first aid supplement, sun bloc and much more. They are wind scarves in winter or cool weather(they wick away the water). I know they don’t last forever but that is the beauty of it, a biodegradable towel.