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Diva In a Carry On.Com Gives Thumbs Up to lightload Towels

Diva In A Carry On. Com  the online Magazine for women travelers gives the thumbs up to the lightload Towels.

Editor Dana Harrison Tidwell  says, “diva in a carry on believes in being as prepared as a girl scout while traveling, and the lightload towel makes being extra-prepared so easy. Buy some before the holidays, take them on your travels with you, and hey! share the love with your friends and family. lightload towels are the perfect size for stocking stuffers!”

Below is a link to this fantastic online must stop.

Lightload Towels: A Great Addition to Your Diaper Bag

Lightload Towels: A Great Addition to Your Diaper Bag

  During the summer, my diaper bag seems to always seems to be bursting at the seams. Aside from all of the usJuly08_003ual neJuly08_001July08_005cessities that I schlepp around with me on a day to day basis, I generally need to be prepared at all times for the sandbox and a quick dip in the sprinkler.  The sprinklers at the park are inhumanly cold, and my son turns blue pretty quickly…so I try to always have a towel with me in addition to a change of clothing.  When I found a mention of the Lightload towel in a magazine that I was perusing at a doctor’s office, I knew I had to try it right away.  This tiny camping towel comes all scrunched up in a little disc wrapped in plastic, once opened (it took some doing) it becomes a lightweight towel about the size of two washcloths.  Even though it looked kind of dinky, it was soft and absorbent enough to do a pretty good job of drying off a soaking wet toddler. Company founder George Wheeler tells me that it can be machine washed in a delicate cycle so that it can be reused…I’ll throw it in the wash soon and report back on that.  If once decides to throw it out  instead of washing it, (they run about $6 a piece, depending on the size and how many you buy) rest assured that they are biodegradable.

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