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Lightload towel Vs. A MSR Pack Towel of the Same Size.

I recently led a hike in the Bear Mt. area with two of my teenage nephews. We field tested a small Lightload towel against as MSR pack towel of the same size. Both towels absorb the same as we found while drying off tent flies after a rainy night. But a distinct advantage of the Lightload is that you can ring much more water out of the fabric than the MSR, therefore making it more absorbant after the initial use, which allowed it to dry much faster than the MSR.

The Lightload was used, dryed by hanging on pack, and then re-used 4 times, while at days end, and after only 1 use, the MSR was still damp and heavy. The Lightload also, obviously packs smaller. Time and again, when we needed to dry something, such as ourselves after cooling off in a stream, we reached for the Lightload. Also, the LL is a fraction of the price of the MSR. The only catagory where the MSR may be superior is durability, but we can continue extended field tests to determine the durability of the Lightload.


Product Review: lightload Towels is a New Horse First Aid product

My daughter is the barn director at a horse camp and she’s been using some of my Lightload Towels for horse mishaps the last few weeks.  Horses are always getting scratched on trees, biting each other, getting kicked, and so forth – horses will be horses, and this camp has about 65 horses.  The towels are great for cleaning out the wounds the horses get.  They are individually wrapped so all the dust from the barn doesn’t get in them, they are soft, large and disposable.  Perfect for horse first aid.  I was running low anyway and was about to order more so I put in an order for two tubs this time so I could give one to my daughter to put with the first aid supplies at the horse stable. 


lightload Towels for Business Travel Review

I travel frequently for business and don’t like to use hotel washcloths.  I was looking for something disposable to use for a washcloth that would be soft (all the disposable washcloths I’ve ever tried are hard and scratchy), I saw the Lightload Towels in a travel catalog and bought them thru their internet site.  I can’t remember which catalog/internet site anymore.  Then when I needed more I Googled “Lightload Towels” and found your website.  I bought one of the 100 piece tubs from your website on January 21, 2006 (Paypal transaction below) and they were perfect for traveling.  I’ve recently started traveling even more so I started to run out pretty quickly. 


Scaling Mount Everest to Biking Across the World

Scaling Mount Everest to biking across the world, adventure travelers need lightweight multipurpose gear that endures variable conditions. Low and behold Lightload Towels do just that. Tipping the scale at .5 oz and packaged so small that you can put ten 12 x 24 inch towels in your hand with room to spare, Lightload Towels are the quintessential gear. Use them for drying also as a fire starter, wind scarf, first aid supplement, water filter and hundreds of other uses. Known as “a cool tool” Lightloads are great survival gear. They come in two sizes the small 12 x 24 inch(30x60cm) and the Beach size (36x60inch).contact

lightload Towels and the Beaches Around Phuket

I’m looking forward to sharing this terrific product with friends and family. My daughter and I each used one from my original order during our stay at the beaches around Phuket and again by the pool at a Chiang Mai guesthouse. We were pleased with the size (huge – we could use it as a sarong!) and its quick drying capacity. It didn’t take up much room or weight in our backpacks, and for that we were grateful. Regards, Donna

Virgin America Launches Lightload Towels in Party Gift Bags

Feb 16, 2008 00:00 ET

Virgin America San Diego Launch Party Gift Bags

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – February 16, 2008) – At the launch party to celebrate Virgin America’s first flight from San Francisco to San Diego on Feb. 12, 2008, celebrities such as Kendra Wilkinson of E!’s “The Girls Next Door” received swag bags crafted by Madison & Mulholland, a VIP/celebrity gift bag company. The Vera Bradley bags were filled with goodies such as Select Comfort Mini Rest & Read Pillow, Maggie Moo doll, Oxyfresh Dental Travel Kit, Bucky 40 winks eye-mask, “Try Me” travel hair care kit by DevaConcepts, Lightload compact towels, Toweldown beach towel in a bag, Harry & David Valentine’s Day chocolate truffles, a Valentine’s Day themed thong by Hotline Embroidery, Little Giraffe travel accessories, Madison & Mulholland sunglasses, Skype headsets and vouchers, Soy Basics eco-friendly candle, Larabar snacks, Hint water, Kathleen Kirkwood’s body enhancers, Solessence organic skincare, gift certificates from Luggage Forward, Therasage, and Consider It Done concierge, Orna foot creme and reading materials “A Fraction of a Hole,” “Middleclass Millionaire,” “Eat This Not That,” Hear the World and Collegepreneur magazines. p.i.n.k. vodka provided celebs like Chelsea Handler with bottles of their 80-proof ultra premium liquor infused with caffeine and guarana. Party guests also enjoyed p.i.n.k. vodka’s special cocktail, the p.i.n.k. kiss.

Media Contact:
Abby Lunardini
Virgin America

Online Retailer stocks Lightload Towels

Online Retailer stocks the lightload Towels. Z Packs is a web store specializing in ultralight backpacking gear. Owner Joseph Valesko started the store three years ago and has great success.

Back packing light is good on the body health and great for traveling distances in the least amount of time.  Items like the Lightload Towels aid in lightening up a load. The Lightload Towels are the only towels  in the world that are also survival tools. They weigh a mere .6 oz.