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Escape the City with a Towel

Urban Escapes is a great way to get away from the city and do outdoorsy stuff like hiking, climbing and boating. Lightload Towels is a proud sponsor. Urban Escapes Founder Maia Josebachvili says:

I brought a three-pack of lightloads with me while backpacking in the Himalayas in Nepal for a month. They were awesome! Didn’t weight a thing (which I really appreciated at 18,000 ft) and were just as effective as a regular towel. I’ll be using them again for sure!’

Check out National Geographic’s Urban Escapesuggestions.

Please contact Urban Esapes if you are an outdoorsy person living in the New york city area

-Maia J.
Maia Josebachvili
Founder and Guide
Urban Escapes

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Yale Club Speed Daters Got Lightload Towels Gifts

change-back-and-forth.gifDuring the last Yale Club speed dating event, Lightload Towels were passed out to the female and male attendees. Other clubs particularly the Williams Club, Princeton Club, Harvard Club, Penn Club and Cornell Club attended the event too. Everyone had a great time and the lightload Towels were a hit.

Lightload towels make travel so much easier. The beach towels are the only ones in the world that  fit  right into a pocket. They are more absorbent than cotton and  quicker drying. Our smaller towels are the only hand towels that are also survival tools. These are such great space savers that you can fit 10 in a pocket and still have room for keys and money.