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Australian Marinas Guide Reviews Lightload Towels

Australia’s  Marinas Guide details essential information, offers maps and must haves for anyone that spends time on the water. Fiona Harper a key contributer to the guide reviews the Lightload Towels http://www.marinasguide.com.au/planner/lightload.htm.  She writes”It’s an ideal size to throw into your shore kit when you jump in the dinghy.” She also mentions the great emergency uses. “it can also be used as a bandage, a wind scarf, water filter, sunscreen and a bug repellant.”

Delivery takes about two weeks to Australia.

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The Australian Marinas Guide in Australia

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Heartland Boating Magazine Odds and Ends Section on Lightload Towels

Sherri Stanczak wrote in the Odds and Ends Section of Heartland Boating Magazine in the May 2008 issue page 9 about boating luxuries and included Lightload Towels as one of those products that make life more tolerable.