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Climbing Magazine Shizzle Drizzle His Bizzle with lightload Towels

Lightload Towels ,or “Expand-O-Towel” as Audra Ord of Climbing Magazine addresses it in the October 2008 issue of Climbing Magazine, passes her field test with flying colors. “If Towelly from “South Park” were real he’d for shizzle drizzle bizzle with a Dyna-E International Lightload Towel”she says. If lightload Towels were human I say, they’d be super men. Audra goes on to mention how great the towels are when weight is an issue and how superabsorbent they are when put to the wet test. Climbers, hikers, campers do invest a few bucks in lightload Towels gear, It could save you one day in more ways than one.

Sports Product Review-Lightload Towels

Dec 18 – The Magic Towel

ultralight_towels.jpgHikers, campers, beach-goers, golfers—anyone who works or plays outdoors—do yourself a favor and stock up on a couple handfuls of Lightload Towels, (http://www.ultralighttowels.com/). About the circumference of a silver dollar, I had to admit I was a little baffled when I unwrapped it from its waterproof packaging. “This is a towel?” I thought. Then, as I drizzled a little water over it, a metamorphosis took place. What had originally felt like a wooden checker began to expand and grow before my eyes. In a few moments I was holding a full-sized hand towel with a plethora of uses. (Suggested use: there should be 4-5 of these in every first-aid kit). Hand towel not big enough? They make beach towels that begin about the size of a hockey puck too. Lightload touts its towels as being biodegradable and more absorbent than cotton towels, and they’re very affordable. But regardless of the many ways you’ll put the towels to use, you may want to get one just for the “Whoa!” you’ll get from your kids when they see you drop one in a glass of water.SOURCE: Lightload Towels
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