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Pocket Sized Beach Towels are Great Holiday Gifts Demonstration


Lightload Towels(www.ultralighttowels.com) are the only towels that are pocket sized beach towels. They make great holiday gifts. For a demo of our great product please click on the above link. The video was produced swamp City Productions for their TV show segment “What the Stuff Outdoor Adventure.”

They are

1. easy to mail

2. Easy to store

3. Very useful

4. Many Uses

5. No shelf life so can be used any time.

6. More aborbent than cotton

7. Dries quicker than cotton.

8. much easier to manage when wet than cotton.

Annual Connecticut College Club of New York Receives lightload Towels

Lightload Towels were given to members of the Connecticut College of New York annual Christmas  get together held at the Cosmos Club. All enjoyed the gifts.

Lightload Towels are the best way to travel. They are the only beach towels  in the world that fit in your pocket and are more absorbent than cotton. 

for more info contact www.ultralighttowels.com

Lightload Towels Sponsors Hollywood SAG awards

towels-shells-on-water-2.jpgLightload Towels this year sponsors the Screen Actors Guild Awards that will air the 27 of January. This year the Screen Actors Guild will be especially notable do to the ongoing writers strike. The writers do support the Awards and the guild supports the writers. More stars this year turned.