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Lighten Your Load with Lightload Towels

lightload Towels are good for fishing, bikikng,hiking,kayaking, cars
lightload Towels are good for fishing, bikikng,hiking,kayaking, cars
Lighten Your Load with Lightload Towels

Packing bags for traveling is a tough task, especially when it comes to deciding about what to carry and what not to carry. It becomes really confusing to distinguish between less important items and essential ones.

While packing bags, paying attention to toiletries for travel, including soap and towel is also necessary since most people do not like using hotel towels. Most people carry small size towels just to save on space but these towels hardly serve the purpose after you have taken a bath.

One of the latest developments in the travel market are Lightload towels. These lightload towels are a boon for normal as well as adventure travelers. They not only save on space but also offer utility, convenience and comfort to travelers. Let us have a look at some of the main benefits of light load towels.

Space Savers: Being small and compact in size, these towels can be easily carried in trouser pockets, thereby you giving you enough space to keep other necessary items in your travel bag. Lightload towels take up very little space, leaving you with lots of it for other essential travel items.

Survival Gear: Lightload towels can be used for various purposes, and can easily perform the function of fire starters, wind scarves, bug repellent and sun bloc. If you will buy and carry separate fore starters, strainers and scarves, then these things will not only occupy more space but will also prove to be costly.

Money Savers: For traveling, one has to spend a lot of money to buy several important things. It is advisable to avoid spending extra money on the things where you have an alternative. Lightload towels can be used for various purposes and it is not expensive.

Entertaining: These lightload towels can be used as the game pieces for some rainy day activities. With these towels people can easily take to playing checkers, hockey, and catch. With the help of towels, users can create their own game.

Reusable: Lightload Towels are easily washable in the machines and can be used for a minimum of 2 to 3 months. These disposable towels can be reused if after washing you dry the towel completely and properly.

There are many more benefits of lightload towels, such as:

• They are more absorbent than other towels
• They easily fit in a pocket
• They are perfect for all indoor or outdoor activities
• They are important accessories for survival kit packing
• They can be used as sitting blankets during concerts, beach towels, flags for signaling and blankets for covering
• They store easily

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Light Weight Towels: A Must Have In A Backpacking Checklist

using to clean dishes
using to clean dishes

Light Weight Towels:
A Must Have In A Backpacking Checklist
If you are going for a backpacking tour, the first thing you need to consider is that the luggage to be carried should be light. At the same time, you should not be compromising on the essential things that you need to carry. As you will have a single pack on your back, you will want to carry as many things as possible in the limited amount of space available. So, while preparing your backpacking checklist, make sure that you choose the items that are lightweight but serve the same purpose as their heavier counterparts.
While packing your backpack, you will find that one of the items that consumes a lot of space is a towel. However, you can easily avoid carrying bulky towels by switching to LightLoad ones. Whether it is a beach towel or a hand towel, there are lightload towels available that are extremely small in size and can be converted into full size towels when they have to be used. These towels are not only light in weight but also save a lot of space in your suitcase, RV or backpack. You can keep them in your pockets and still have space for your money and keys.
This feature makes them an essential travel accessory for outdoor camping. These towels can also be used as wind scarves, fire starters, bug repellants, insulators, sun blocks, masks and strainers. To deal with emergency situations, people can also include them in their toilet kits, first aid kits, cars, boats, hunting gear, camping equipment or hiking gear. Since you will not need to buy a separate first aid cloth, wind scarf or fire starter when you use a LightLoad Towels, you also end up saving a lot of money, space and weight.
LightLoad Towels are an indispensable part of a backpacking checklist because of their numerous advantages. Some of the major advantages that these towels have over regular cotton towels are:
LightLoad Towels are more absorbent when compared to cotton towels.
• These are the only full size beach towels that can fit easily into a person’s pocket.
• These towels can be used to serve more purposes than a traditional cotton towel.
• They are very easy to store and consume lesser space than cotton towels.
• They can sometimes be bigger than cotton towels.
Because these towels are extremely cost effective and cheap, they can easily be used and thrown away if you do not want to carry the extra burden of a towel once it has been soiled. If you do not want to waste them, you can wash them and reuse them for a number of times. At the end of the trip, you can discard them off so that you do not need to carry back the burden.
You also do not need to worry about drying LightLoad Towels because after washing, they dry up very easily and quickly. It is a product which is biodegradable and does break down in the environment rapidly. The towel can also be burned or composted in a compost heap thus you do not need to worry about any after effects, once it is thrown off. All these reasons make light load towels one of the most favorable options that need to be ticked off as you prepare your backpacking checklist.
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