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Climbing Magazine Shizzle Drizzle His Bizzle with lightload Towels

Lightload Towels ,or “Expand-O-Towel” as Audra Ord of Climbing Magazine addresses it in the October 2008 issue of Climbing Magazine, passes her field test with flying colors. “If Towelly from “South Park” were real he’d for shizzle drizzle bizzle with a Dyna-E International Lightload Towel”she says. If lightload Towels were human I say, they’d be super men. Audra goes on to mention how great the towels are when weight is an issue and how superabsorbent they are when put to the wet test. Climbers, hikers, campers do invest a few bucks in lightload Towels gear, It could save you one day in more ways than one.

Lightload Towels Versus the Bandanna

change-back-and-forth.gifLightload Towels are

1.more absorbent than bandannas

2. more energy efficient

3. more biodegradable

4. quicker drying

5. easier to carry

6. cleaner out of the package

7. better insulation

8. just as multipurpose but different uses

9. easier to dispose of

Crazy Kayaker Paddles 1,704 Miles Down Mississipi River with Lightload Towels

“It took me five weeks to complete the 1,270 miles from Burlington, IA to New Orleans. I reached New Orleans on Wednesday, July 11. My journey ended at Audubon Park, a few miles from downtown and the French Quarter. I had paddled a total of 2,742 km (1,704 miles) in 59 days.
This will be my last journal posting for a while. I am currently working on the book about my adventure, and all the time I have for writing will be taken up by the book for the next few months. I will post excerpts from the manuscript from time to time (if my publisher agrees) and will keep everyone posted on my next planned adventure.
I will announce my next river adventure soon…”

Thank you!
Jacob, a.k.a the Crazy Kayaker

Congrats! Job well done.

Lightload Serviette du Magazine En Route Product Review

Nous Parlons de vous dans La section Jet Set de ce Numero du Magazine En Route.

L’art Du Voyage

Ces Articles savent voyager compact et ce deployer au moment opportun

Situation:Une Plage  se presente sur votre chemin. Solution: Une serviette en forme de rondelle dans votre sac,toujours prete pour la mer.


Product Review:Air Canada Features Lightload Towels in the Travel Essentials

En Route Magazine the official Magazine of Air Canada featured the Lightload Towels in the January 2008 P.26 Jet Set section which features essential travel items. Under the sub heading “Jam packed “the magazine then mentions “expandable gear to save you space=and face”.

The situation mentionned was-you stumble across a hidden beach. Solution- A towel puck that tucks into your bag, so you are always ready for a swim.

What a great article!!