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Was Given a Lightload Towel Three Pack

“was given 3-pack a couple of years ago as a stocking stuffer gift  from my father-in-law (I suspect he found them at BackpackingLight or REI) and I’ve since picked up another 3-pack with nearly every REI order. I’ve found them to be useful in a wide range of activities first aid   kit, survival kit, backpacking and camping. Of course, their packability can’t be matched – a huge perk for those of us crammed into small quarters in NYC. I decided that this year, I would add. them to reusable bags as my stocking stuffer gifts – and have a supply left over for me. Thanks”Mike

The Beach Towel That Fits in Your Pocket

This is just what the world adventurer and traveler needs. I think the lightload Beach Towels www.ultralighttowels.com are neat. They really take up little space and can be used for so much like a bug repellent, first aid supplement, sun bloc and much more. They are wind scarves in winter or cool weather(they wick away the water). I know they don’t last forever but that is the beauty of it, a biodegradable towel.