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Benefits Of Using Lightload Towels on Everest or K2 Expeditions

lightload towels for survival
lightload towels for survival
Benefits Of Using Lightload Towels on Big Climbs like Everest or K2 Expeditions

If you are planning for a big climb like an Everest or K2 expedition and thinking about what to carry and what not to carry, then you should consider lightload towels as a must carry item for your trip. Of course, lightload towels will save upon a lot of space in your back packs, but there are many other advantages of choosing lightload towels.

Some of the major ones include:

 Lightload towels are more moisture absorbent than traditional cotton towels. On the Everest, you will need these towels frequently for wiping off the ice from your goggles and face in order to pursue climbing safely and properly.

 One of the most astounding aspects of these towels is that they can easily and conveniently fit into your pocket. This way, as lightload towel eliminates the need for carrying heavy bags for taking the towel along while climbing on Everest.

 The fact that this towel is extremely lightweight and easy to carry, makes it an ideal travel accessory for all those craving for any unforgettable indoor and outdoor activity. You can take these towels along for any and every kind of outdoor indoor sports so as to derive maximum fun out of that sport.

 Lightload travel towels can be an important part of the survival kit. Those going for mountain expeditions must take these towels along so as to stay fresh throughout the venture. They can also serve as emergency bandages, rain water harnesses and signaling devices.

 Lightload towels come in large sizes of around 36 inches x 60 inches, but fold into a pack that is even smaller than a hockey puck.

One of the most alluring aspects of lightload towels is that you can put them in your pocket and still get space to store your keys and money. These towels are popular for being a space saving travel accessory that can help save precious space in your RV, backpack and suitcase. This way you get space to store other important accessories such as travel gears and mountain climbing equipments in your suitcase.

Lightload towels are also popular as survival gears because you can use them as wind scarves, fire starters, insulation, sun bloc, bug repellant and masks while climbing on Everest and K2.

There are a range of utilities of the lightload towels. Some of the most common uses of lightload towels are:

 They can be used as flags for signaling
 They can be used as blanket for covering yourself in the cooler areas of Everest
 You can also use lightload towels as ground cloths for lying down after getting tired in the Everest expedition.

These travel towels are beneficial options because they serve multiple purposes on the cost of a single towel. You can use these towels as entertainment equipments while pursuing Everest and K2 expeditions. These towels are re-usable because you can easily wash these towels and reuse them. But make sure to wash them delicately and keep them dry while not in use. The best feature of lightload towels is that they are completely biodegradable. http://www.ultralighttowels.com

Travel Review: The World’s First Towel to Function as a Survival Tool

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July 10, 2008 – (Jamaica, NY) – After thousands of years of “regular” towel use, Lightload Towels presents a towel that functions as a real survival tool. The multi-purpose towel that will fit in your pocket and leave room for keys and pocket change is quickly becoming a must-have item in every outdoorsman’s survival kit as summer approaches.

The eco-friendly, biodegradable towel is essential for any survival kit due to its many uses, which range from functioning as a coffee filter, fire starter, emergency signaling flag, blanket, warming scarf, or as a good old fashioned towel. Unlike the traditional towel, the Lightload Towel absorbs nine times its weight in water and is equivalent in size to two normal-sized towels.

In addition to being the only survival tool of its kind, the Lightload Towels beach towel is a must for every surfer who enjoys a super-absorbent, pocket-sized towel during an active day at the beach. Lightload Towels is the only beach towel that can fit in your pocket with room to spare.

The waterproof packaging can also be used for entertainment purposes during a rainy day indoors, either as a checkers piece or a hockey puck. The towels are reusable, but will not harm the environment once disposed because of their biodegradable material.

About the Founder:

The brain behind Lightload Towels is George “Wideload” Wheeler, an avid long distance hiker who completed the 2160-mile Appalachian Trail in 1999. The year after, he hiked the 540 miles of Virginia to West Virginia on the same trail.

“As an outdoorsman who loves hiking and camping in the wild, I realized the necessity of an easily-portable, space-saving, multi-purpose towel that would be eco-friendly,” said Wheeler. “It’s essential to any first-aid kit and is great to have handy whether you are hunting and fishing or just playing golf.”

Wheeler spent eight years living in Asia, where he took and led hikes in Taiwan, Nepal, Pakistan and China. During this time he also learned how to speak Chinese. Moreover, Wheeler has hiked and camped in many of America’s national forests including the Ochoco and Willamette in Oregon, Davy Crockett in Texas, San Francisco in New Mexico, Piedmont in Alabama, Desoto in Mississippi, Allegheny in Pennsylvania, and the Green Mountain in Vermont.

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