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Roy Barnes Lightload Towels Product Review


Roy Barnes writes

Invented by long trail hiker George “Wideload” Wheeler, the biodegradable Lightload Towel is great for your travel bathing needs. This Lightload Towel for travel is 3 feet by 5 feet in size and is purported to hold 9 times its weight in water. Amazingly, the Lightload Towel only weighs 5 ounces, which makes it very compact for travel!

Here’s my review on this product: When I first opened the package, the Lightload Towel was really wrapped tightly, about the size of a bagel, and had to be undone as if you would electrical tape. The feel of this product was rather coarse. The Lightload Towel not only looks like a very durable mechanics towel, but it has a rather strong scent, so get it washed with your detergent of choice to rid the factory odor, which isn’t that pleasant. Besides sanitary considerations, it is much softer feeling once out of the washer and dryer. This towel is durable enough to withstand the agitation and cleaning action of the wash machine.

This travel product is compressed so well at the factory, that it is virtually impossible to get it as tightly wrapped for ensuing attempts to make it as small as possible. So unless you are an expert folder, the size of the towel space will increase to around the area of two bagels, even though the website for this towel claims that it fits easily in one’s pocket. Unfortunately, I can’t attest to that claim after initially opening the product and then trying to make it factory-sized compact again. Now, two bagels’ size is still very compact when compared to traditional beach towels, so that’s a real positive aspect of the Lightload Towel.

What I found really incredible about this travel product is the feel on the skin after a shower. It felt really soft, and did absorb the water off of my body well! As for my wet hair, I had to rub it out more so than I would with a traditional thick cotton towel. I will still give the Lightload Towel a passing grade, as it is definitely worthy for those times when you may not have access to more traditional and bulkier bath towels, like for some travel excursions.