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Lightload Travel Towels Comparisons for Outdoor, Camping and Backpack Gear

Easily packable lightload Towels

Susan Hamilton the award winning travel writer did a comparison of three towels used for travel. Here is what she had to say about Lightload Towels.

Lightload Towels

“This super compact 12-inch by 20-inch towel comes vacuum sealed in a package that is smaller than palm size. Lightload towels are wickable and should be hand washed. Because these towels are made of viscose, they are more absorbent than microfiber or cotton.

Lightload towels can provide insulation in extreme weather, as well as being used as a fire starter or coffee filter. Backpackers use Lightload towels in place of bandanas and camp towels. Athletes use them for drying off as well as cleaning their gear.”

Susan also went on to describe what a travel towel is. She writes, ”

Compact and thin, travel towels are a practical way to take towels on vacations, camping trips and international destinations. Much less bulky than regular terrycloth or cotton towels, travel towels are made of synthetic materials that dry quickly.

Many travel towels are made of microfiber. These towels are soft but the microfiber can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. Some travel towels are made of viscose rayon, nylon or polyester. Some travel towel fabrics are infused with antibacterial fibers that prevent bacterial growth.

She goes on to write, ”

Travel towels allow campers, backpackers, travelers and athletes to have the convenience of a towel without the added weight. When packing for yurt camping (such as destinations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho), travel towels keep the load light. Their compact size is ideal for saving space in luggage and packs. Super absorbent and quick drying, travel towels have a multitude of uses — from blankets to fire starters.”

Susan Lynne Hamilton is an award-winning writer, specializing in travel, recreation, wine, food and health. As the Feature Writer for Suite 101’s Northwest U.S. travel section, she showcases the rich features this unique region of America offers.

Read more at Suite101: Travel Towels Comparisons for Outdoor, Camping and Backpack Gear http://nwusalaskatravel.suite101.com/article.cfm/travel-towels-comparisons-for-outdoor-camping-and-backpack-gear#ixzz0rxG93HPW

Finnish Magazine Mondo Reviews the Product Lightload Towels

Lightload Towels for Product Review
Lightload Towels for Product Review

 Finnish Magazine Mondo Reviewed the Lightload Towels in the the 7/2008 issue.


Here is a  roughly translated text from the Mondo article:


“Little giant of towels


Ultralight towel sold in matchbox sized package is a giant in small size. 90 x 150 cm sized towel absorbs 9 times its weight in water. The towel can also be used in survival kit packing or as coffee filter.”This was translated by Eeva.


Product Review Matador Travel Blog 10-quirkiest-travel-gear:


Insolent Minx of Matador Travel writes

“These cool space savers have to be the smallest thing you can pack when heading to the beach. Dump a handful of these towels in your pocket, saving tons of room for everything else. These multipurpose towels are great accessories to take with you while going scuba diving, camping, hunting, fishing, swimming, boating and sailing. Stick them in your glove compartment for emergency automobile maintenance needs such as cleaning up after checking your washer fluid, cleaning up engine oil spills, etc. They are also washing machine safe so you can either keep them or toss ‘em.”

Europe for Visitors.com Reviews Lightload Towels



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Gear Test: How long Do Lightload Towels Last?

change-back-and-forth.gifchange-back-and-forth.gifchange-back-and-forth.gifI say they last as long as a good pair of boots on an Appalachian Trail thru hike-two months. People claim they had them for over a year. Of course if you use them as a fire starter that would only be one use but if you used them for the sole purpose of wiping the moisture out of a tent then a lot longer. Then there are all the variables in between.


Travel Product Review:Lightload towels Best in luxury travel and gear

Lighten Your Load :: Lightload Travel Towels

In a tightly packed, hockey puck sized bundle, comes a towel that is not only reusable, lightweight, fast drying and surprisingly durable but it’s also biodegradable. When I opened the Lightload Travel Towels package, it was so compressed that I felt like I was tearing apart chunks of cardboard it as I pulled and twisted it open. I thought for sure I was breaking it. Slowly, but surely, the material separated to expose a full sized, paper-thin towel.

Its smaller counterpart, the size of about six stacked fifty-cent pieces, pulled apart the same way and exposed an equally thin hand towel. (more…)