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Lightload Towels are a Travelers’ Delight

Lightload Towels From Dyna-E Are A Traveler’s Delight
Anyone planning a trip for business or pleasure is sure to appreciate the advantages of traveling light.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Anyone planning a trip for business or pleasure is sure to appreciate the advantages of traveling light. For those looking for a solution to packing overload, there is a product with the answer right in its name! Lightload Towels, the brainchild of Dyna-E-International’s George Wheeler, were created for backpackers, but these versatile, lightweight towels are great for travelers of all kinds. They are ideal for adventure travelers like kayakers and hunters that need to pack light, but they are so easy to carry that even those who are flying to upscale hotels abroad can benefit from including Lightload towels in their carry-on luggage.Lightload towels are made of 100% viscose and come in two sizes. The original Lightload Towels come in two-inch diameter packaging that expands to a full 12 x 24 inches. Larger Lightload Beach Towels are packed in a 3-½ inch diameter that fully expands to 3 feet by 5 feet. The pack towels fit easily into camping gear, backpacks, carry-on bags, picnic baskets, purses and glove compartments so that travelers always have a towel within reach. Highly absorbent but weighing only ½ ounce, they can be used for everything from drying dishes in a campground to cleaning up spills in a hotel room. A must for adventure travelers, many tour group operators include Lightload Towels on their lists recommend items. Travelers have reported a variety of “in a pinch” uses for Lightload towels. They can be used as picnic blankets or to cover the ground to sit on, and those who travel by car find them essential glove compartment gear. “They slip right into the corner of my glove box, and I have used them many times to mop up coffee spilled during long road trips,” one man said.Lightload Beach Towels are a must for beach bums, especially when a spontaneous day trip becomes the agenda. Much lighter than bulky cotton beach towels, these compact, comfortable towels are more absorbent and take up a fraction of the space in a beach bag. Lightload Beach Towels also dry more quickly and can be rinsed out with ease. For campers, hikers, rock climbers and other outdoors travelers, Lightload Beach towels can be used as body wraps while laundry is being done. The towels can also be used as a blanket or head wrap to provide insulation from both cold and heat. Either size towel can be used for first aid or as a signal flag in an emergency. Both the original Lightload Towel and Lightload Beach Towels are soft on skin, machine washable and extremely durable. The towels easily fit any traveler’s budget at only about two dollars for pack towels and $6.50 for beach towels. More information about Lightload Towels, including how to order, can be found on the company’s website at http://www.ultralighttowels.com. Lightload towels are also available in stores, online and in catalogues through retailers that include EMS, REI, Campmor

Was Given a Lightload Towel Three Pack

“was given 3-pack a couple of years ago as a stocking stuffer gift  from my father-in-law (I suspect he found them at BackpackingLight or REI) and I’ve since picked up another 3-pack with nearly every REI order. I’ve found them to be useful in a wide range of activities first aid   kit, survival kit, backpacking and camping. Of course, their packability can’t be matched – a huge perk for those of us crammed into small quarters in NYC. I decided that this year, I would add. them to reusable bags as my stocking stuffer gifts – and have a supply left over for me. Thanks”Mike

The Beach Towel That Fits in Your Pocket

This is just what the world adventurer and traveler needs. I think the lightload Beach Towels www.ultralighttowels.com are neat. They really take up little space and can be used for so much like a bug repellent, first aid supplement, sun bloc and much more. They are wind scarves in winter or cool weather(they wick away the water). I know they don’t last forever but that is the beauty of it, a biodegradable towel.